Gold Nuggets

michael-jackson-goldLast night was one of those nights. Where the dreams were intense and the spirit guides were busy giving lessons. One dream, oddly enough had Michael Jackson in it. I supposed it was because of his recent death.

In the dream, Michael was working behind a sales counter. A customer came in and threw a brick at him. The brick knocked him to the ground. Another customer came in, picked up the brick and threw it again. Michael hit the wall, then fell to the floor. This went on for a while, customer after customer, until he succumbed to his injuries, rising up as a spirit.

I picked up the brick to examine it. Lodged in its backside were gold nuggets. The gold nuggets represented each blow that had hit him. I noticed that the crevices and nuggets in the brick had formed a map. I handed it to Michael’s spirit, then said, “Your life’s experiences have created a treasure map to be used in the next life.”


2 thoughts on “Gold Nuggets

  1. You were not a fan of Michael, but were you exposed to the massive amount of media hype of his life after his death?
    Or do you avoid the media/news? I ask because I have periods where I manage to escape the media myself and mass consciousness of fear but even his story leaked through, just from conversations of those around me and magazine covers in stores.
    Certainly your dream depicts his story well he was a victim in his childhood and it carried over into his life.
    It also portrays your own creative journey and ideals.
    That which you aspire to be,
    to heal people in spirit. It’s very cut and dry I think, his story troubled you and you reached out and said the answer is very easy, you must learn from your past experience and let it be your guide. Seems like such an easy thing but how many of us do not remember to learn from past mistakes?
    We get caught in the grooves, a concept in the east known as samsara. I guess the job of a shaman really should involve snapping people out of their worn out groove or Samsara so we can move onto other things. In a way that makes Shamans like the posted self correction makers for the universe to keep playing out in a more harmonious way when its needle starts to skip in a groove, much like bumping a record that is skipping. Well that’s my interpretation. Back to the music! whoo hoo!


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