A Healing Environment

Yesterday, at a meetup group for intuitive and sensitive kids, a play date had been scheduled at a member’s farm house. Seven children played for hours, riding go-carts, jumping on a trampoline, playing dodge ball, and exploring the farm. Afterward, the host served a grand banquet of food. I was impressed with the spread and asked why they had served so much.

The grandmother of the three of the boys said, “This is the first time they’ve had friends over.”

I was shocked. Her grandsons varied in age from nine to 13 years old. How could they never had friends over? I asked the reason, and the grandmother replied they were autistic and didn’t have friends at school.

I was stunned. I hadn’t noticed. And neither had my children. Yet, I witnessed what appeared to be an ordinary day with kids playing well together. Go-carting. Hide-and-seek. Basketball. Why did this day go so well?

I have often heard that autistic kids are intuitive, which makes them receptive to the energy around them. I could see how group environments might upset them. They could easily pick up anger, excitement and irritation from the kids and teachers around them. I certainly have experienced this myself when going to the store, driving or working. But these kids had been content around my kids, whose energy was well balanced. This helped demonstrate that when we are at peace with ourselves, we provide a healing environment for others around us.

In the car, as we pulled away, my kids said to me told me how much fun they had, and wondered when they could do it again.

I let them know how special this day had been for those boys. Because they were autistic, this had been their first play date.

My kids were stunned. They hadn’t noticed. They just had fun. Souls playing with other souls.


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