A Healing Environment

Yesterday, the meetup group I organize, Toltec Kids for intuitive and sensitive kids, hosted a play date at a member’s farm house. Three of the children were mildly autistic and four were not. They played for hours, riding go-carts, jumping on a trampoline, playing dodge ball, and exploring the farm. 3 1/2 hours went by quickly and when it was time to go, the kids wanted to meet again as soon as possible.

What made this day especially important was that this was the first play date for the two of the children who lived there. With mild autism, they had no play date offers. Yet, I witnessed what appeared to be an ordinary day with kids playing extremely well together. Why did this day work, when so many others hadn’t for them?

I have often heard that autistic kids are intuitive, which makes them receptive to the energy around them. I could see how large group environments would upset them – easily picking up anger, excitement and irritation from the kids around them (and adults). I certainly experience this myself when going to the store, driving or when I worked in an office (which was very difficult for me). Being around other kids that were content and whose energy was well balanced provided a good foundation for them to come together. This helps demonstrate that we provide a healing environment for others, when we are healed.

My son mentioned that he now considered one of the boys a friend and said, “He wanted to play all the same things that I did, and I wanted to play the same things he did.” They were in-sync. Their intuitiveness helped them to understand the others intentions and go with the natural flow of the day.

I was surprised when one mother said that an outing like this normally wasn’t an option for them. She was very pleased that her son could play like a normal child – and that day he was.

Blessed journeys!


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