Blessings and Fearless Changes

While walking the dogs the other night, I noticed a yellow-and-black butterfly. I thought how odd it was to see a butterfly flying at night. The next morning, while looking out my bedroom window contemplating the start of a new day, I saw a yellow-and-black butterfly flutter by.

I took the butterfly’s appearances as a sign that it was a totem animal (which in this case happened to be an insect) offering me its archetype energy and bringing me forewarning of the changes to come. Butterflies symbolize transformation…inevitable change that should be taken with joy and non-resistance.

Earlier today, during a shamanic healing that I was performing for a client, an ascended master gave this message, “A blessing is always a change. It takes courage to face change and realize that it is for your best good. Take this time to meditate and reflect on your spiritual path. You are never alone – I am always with you.” I know this message was for both the client and me.

The totem animal guidance was especially interesting to me at this time, because 1 1/2 weeks ago, I received a blessing from an angel. During the night, I was awakened by an intense spiritual connection. I then saw an angel, who spoke these words, “You have been given insight.” I thought, “How wonderful!” and then fell asleep.

The angel’s appearance was special for two reasons. Although, angels are almost always a part of my shamanic healings by offering protection and bringing in the Divine light, I had never had one speak to me. Additionally, the angel’s appearance and message made me realize that I am ready to take another step in my spiritual journey.

I do not know how the upcoming changes will impact me. But, I have faith that the changes will be for my highest good. I will accept the changes with as much grace and joy that I can, and trust in the Divine’s will.

As the ascended master said, “A blessing is always a change.”

Note: After this posting, I began to see yellow-and-black butterflies everywhere! But, today, while driving away from home, I saw a yellow-and-black butterfly fighting with a purple-and-black butterfly. Whether they were really fighting or mating wasn’t important. What was important was the insight that came to me. These butterflies represented the fight within myself, which has allowed fear to enter instead of knowing that I have nothing to fear. Lately, I had performed several spirit depossessions, and the fear that the people bring with them is often contagious. I have had to refocus my mind on the truth that dark forces have no power except that which we give them.

As I traveled down the road, I kept a watchful eye for the yellow-and-black butterflies, since I had a premonition that I would hit one. A few minutes later, I saw the butterfly flying in front of me. I slowed down, but still hit it.

I pulled over at the next street and looked at the front of my vehicle. The butterfly was on my radiator but still moving his wings. I decided he was being held by the force of the fan and shut off the car. When I went back to check on him, he was gone! I looked everywhere, and even opened the hood, but the butterfly was nowhere to be found.

I gave up looking for him and got back in the vehicle, when I saw the butterfly fly away! Triumph! But only because when adversary hit, I responded in a loving way. If I had given up and kept driving after hitting him, the butterfly would have perished.

The force of the fan symbolized the power that I had given to the dark forces, which when shut off, allowed the butterfly to be free.

This power animal was showing me that the fears I felt, are tests that can be overcome with faith and love.