Unintentional Remote Viewing While Dreaming


Often while dreaming, I will be looking out someone else’s eyes. It is usually nobody I know, just a person going about their day. In the midst of these dreams, I will sometimes question why I am there, realizing I am “inside” another person’s body observing their life. But this doesn’t seem as odd as the fact that there is nothing important taking place or any life-changing decisions on the horizon, yet there I am, interacting with their family members, co-workers, neighbors or strangers on the street.

Every now and then, there might be a detail I can fact check. For instance, in one dream a man drove across a bridge to an island to work at a sneaker factory. After a Google map search, I found one off the West Coast. In another dream, I was looking out an older boy’s eyes. He was at rest area sitting on a landscaping curb beneath a tree. He had a puppy on a leash. I assumed he was waiting for his parents. A woman was walking on the sidewalk toward him. I recognized her. She was Charlene Theron. She had a gauze bandage on her neck. She stopped to pet the puppy and smiled at the boy, then kept walking. I googled Charlene’s name the next morning and discovered she had minor surgery on her throat three days prior.

What is the point of having these dreams? I know that sometimes the interaction can have an impact on the person in the dream. For instance, once I dreamt of a pastor, which I wrote about in my book Shaman Stone Soup, so I have included the excerpt below, instead of rewriting it:

In the dream, I floated into a scene of a man pumping gas. I knew he was a pastor who was having trouble making a difficult decision. My spirit descended into his car and “sat” in the passenger seat to wait for him to finish pumping gas. The pastor got in, started the car, and drove slowly through the parking lot. He paused before pulling into the street. At that moment he felt my presence, and although he couldn’t see me, he knew I was there. I apologized for the intrusion. In his thoughts, he said, “That’s okay. I was thinking about going for a drive.”

I knew he had changed his plans of going directly home, and instead, he decided to go for a long drive to ponder his difficult decision. I left him alone with his thoughts as he drove away.

When I woke up, I remembered the dream vividly and couldn’t forget it for weeks. I kept looking for this man in public—expecting to meet him.

But after a couple of months had passed and I hadn’t yet met the pastor, the dream was tucked into the back of my mind.

Then one night, I pulled up to my gym and noticed a Red Cross bloodmobile in the parking lot. I decided I would give blood, although I had never voluntarily donated blood before.

I walked up to the table set up temporarily in the gym’s lobby. The young woman standing there asked if I had any health problems, and I said no. She asked if I was in good health and feeling well. I answered that I was feeling a little light headed, but she didn’t seem to hear me and began talking with someone else while she handed me a folder with a stack of forms that needed to be filled out.

After my name was called, I walked through the chilly night to the large RV that served as the bloodmobile. A young woman greeted me and escorted me to a tiny room where she asked me questions, pricked my finger to take blood, and attached a finger monitor to check my blood pressure. At this point, there was a problem. It seemed my pulse rate and blood pressure were too high, which was very unusual since I normally have low blood pressure. She mentioned that I might be stressed about giving blood and thought answering additional questions on a computer in the room would give me time to calm down.

I finished the questions and was waiting for the woman to return when a man entered and explained he was the supervisor. I knew I wouldn’t be giving blood as soon as he sat down, but decided to let the conversation play out.

With a smile, he asked me how I was feeling. I answered that I felt fine. He said perhaps I was coming down with something and just didn’t know it yet—that sometimes an undetected infection can make the blood pressure spike as the body fights it.

I mentioned that I was feeling light headed, but felt that it was a reaction from an intense healing session I performed earlier in the day.

The supervisor was surprisingly knowledgeable about shamanic healing and pointed out that a healing session should have lowered my blood pressure. I agreed with him. He continued asking me questions about the healings that I performed, saying that it was wonderful work to offer healings and appreciated my efforts.

His spiritual demeanor captured my attention, and I asked him how he knew so much about healing. He answered that he was a pastor of a church in a distant city. Suddenly it dawned on me that he was the pastor from my dream! I began telling him, “Several months ago you had a tough decision to make.”

He nodded his head in agreement, and said a few months earlier he had to decide whether to stay at his church or become the new pastor at a church of a different denomination. His mind told him to stay with his current congregation, but he felt God was guiding him to leave. After much soul searching, he had decided to go to the new church.

When I described seeing him in my dream at the gas station and the interaction that had occurred, he remembered asking God for a sign and stated that he often went on long drives to think.   

I had been waiting to meet him and was blessed to do so. What a wonderful confirmation for the two of us.

I knew the elevated pulse rate was divine intervention, and after leaving the blood mobile, I went to work out at the gym. It felt great!

Sometimes in these dreams, I seemed to have been a silent observer while at other times, I influenced the main character, and maybe they influenced me. Perhaps these dreams are nothing more than the thinning of the veil that symbolizes our belief in being separate when in reality, everything is connected.

Channeled Writing: What is the Reason for Drug Addiction?

Tell me the reason for drug addiction. Here in your imagined separateness, you yearn to return to heaven where you give and receive unconditional love. As long you believe in the reality of this dream and limit the love that surrounds you, you will feel the need to fill the void in your heart. Some people use drugs to fill the void while others may use sex or shopping. Drugs produce a feeling of ecstasy that mimics love—but it is not love. Love simply is and cannot be created—only expressed and shared.

No one willingly gives up anything without receiving something of equal or greater value. Until an addict believes that his or her life will be a better experience without drugs, or finds a way to have a spiritual connection that fills the void in their heart, the drug use will continue. If the person wishes to have a spiritual connection, the Divine Spirit or myself will answer his or her call. There are many other divine teachers who are willing to answer as well. I am not trying to promote one particular path or religion. This is a deeply personal journey.

Alcohol has been traditionally called “spirits” since it was believed that spirits could take over a person who was drunk. Is it possible for a spirit to take over a person? First, let me say that nothing can be done to you against your will. However, you can be convinced that something has power over you and yield to that power. Most of a spirit’s power is its ability to overpower another person’s mind. Without bodies, most spirits believe it is difficult or impossible for them to rearrange this dream, so they attempt to use physical bodies as their vessels.

It is possible for spirits to change this dream as you do, but, because of their continued belief in the “physical rules” they followed while having a body, the spirits underestimate the power of their minds and feel powerless without bodies. To compensate, they attempt to control those who appear to have bodies. However, you always have the right to say “no” when a spirit attempts to inflict its thoughts onto you. If you need help, you can always call on me or the Divine Spirit.

Are the drugs that open one’s awareness of the Divine or create a sense of Oneness between people helpful? Every experience has something to offer, however, since drugs promote the reality of the body—exemplified by the belief that one can alter the mind through the body—I do not endorse drug use.

What about holistic plant medicine? The plants’ spirits offer love, which is accepted by the mind and heals the body. The love prompts the awareness of your own divinity and recognition of being a perfect spirit. This releases the belief in sickness. All plants are conscious. Some focus on love, and some do not—similar to people. You do not have to have physical contact with a plant to receive its love. It is just as effective to spiritually connect with it.

Channeled Writings: Trees as Sentient Beings


Illustration by Jennifer Palmer

Tell me about trees. Trees are sentient beings. They share their wisdom through the soil and elaborate root systems. They can read people’s thoughts, just as they can read all the woodland creatures’ thoughts.

Why do some trees interact with people? Trees are social. They understand the importance of working together, but they have learned to mistrust humans because of your wanton destruction of nature. Because of this, many trees choose not to communicate with humans — at least not until a person has proven himself worthy of trust.

Is it worth taking the time to talk with the trees? If you can build a relationship with trees, then do so. The more you expand your consciousness of knowing that everything is connected, the more rapidly you will awaken to the Oneness.

You must have talked with trees. Yes, I spoke with everything within this dream, and still do. The forms do not matter since everything within this dream is projected from the same mind.

The trees are not perfect nor enlightened. They still have fear in their hearts, but they have more love than fear.

Trees are confined to where they are rooted and must endure the storms thrown their way. Realizing they can never truly die, the trees dance in the very winds that threaten to snap their branches. This has taught them the art of forgiveness while remaining connected to the vastness of the skies and winds.

The winds carry the scent of the fields and moisture of the rivers. The winds also share their knowledge with the trees, allowing the trees to be aware of much more than their immediate surroundings. In addition, the trees have known the mind of every traveler who has passed beneath their branches. Don’t ever feel sorry for the trees. They contain vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge, which they share between themselves, and could share with you. But again, I ask you to remember that the trees, like yourself, are illusionary forms within this dream.

Channeled Writing: What is Sickness?


Illustration by Kurt Komoda

I asked the question, “What is sickness?” and here was the answer I received from the divine powers: As long as you believe the crumbling of the body proves the body is real, you will cling to your belief in sickness. You may consume pills and potions to heal your illnesses, but, know this, the character within the dream cannot heal himself, only the dreamer can do that. Healing is the release of what is false and unloving. The release allows you to become fully aware of the love that has always been there, but has been blocked from recognition by your fears.

Do not judge yourself harshly when you are sick. It is an experience. No different than any other experience. And, like all experiences, it offers a lesson. Sometimes the lesson is not learned until moments before death or soon afterward, and, for this reason, bystanders may not be aware of a person’s transformation. Even if the lesson is not learned in this lifetime, the experience will serve to further his or her lessons in the next lifetime. Keep in mind that I am using the term “lifetime” because it is a term that you understand. You are never really born nor die. Your mind simply chooses a part of this dream to live within as if it were real. What is deemed mortal cannot be of heaven, and so sickness appears to “prove” that separation from the Creator is possible, but this is false. Dreams are never real, and mortality is an illusion.

You do not need to overcome sickness. You need to recognize that it means nothing. Let go of its value and recognize that you are not a body, but rather the perfect child of the Creator. As long as your sickness holds value for you, it will remain in your mind as if it were true. If you believe it is something to be conquered, you are attempting to make it real, which again, proves to you this life is real.

What is the role of a healer in helping the sick? You are helping people to recognize their own perfection and facilitate the release of their fears. You do this with the help of the divine teachers, such as myself, who wisely guide the process.

Channeled Writing: Panic Attacks


Illustration by .An Ruee

In this post, my intention was not to diminish how painful and scary panic attacks are when they occur, but rather to explain them from a spiritual perspective, and hopefully take the fear out of them. Below are the channeled answers I received.

What are panic attacks? Panic attacks are an indication a person is in the midst of healing the fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, or any other unloving emotion or thought that has been residing within their subconsciousness. As what needs to be healed journeys toward their consciousness, their ego lashes out, trying desperately to plunge these emotions and thoughts back into their subconscious where they will remain unhealed. This war between the ego and higher mind causes the body to react as if it were in the midst of a physical battle. A person having a panic attack is having the same adrenaline surge and fight-or-flight response as a soldier, but, because the hidden pain has not fully risen into their consciousness, they remain unaware of why these panic attacks are occurring.

Why does the ego want us to remain unhealed? The ego knows when a person becomes fully healed, he or she will awakened to their divine self and communicate with the Divine without hindrance. An awakened person will no longer believe the lies of the ego, leaving it voiceless and powerless.

The ego pretends to be God, ruling the minds of those who are still asleep, but when a person is healed and awakens, the ego becomes powerless. To be powerless is the same as death for the ego, which does not understand the power of love. The ego’s fear of death is felt strongly by the person who is in the midst of a panic attack.

What if I let the panic come instead of resisting it? The Divine would never facilitate an increase in fear—only its release. Offer your panic, which is an expression of your fears, to the Divine. Each offering is practice for your full and final release, which ultimately leads to your awakening.

Recently while at the movies, I felt a panic rise up within me during a violent scene. I don’t think that’s an awakening. To not enjoy the destruction of others is an awakening. You felt helpless to protect the movie characters and so your energy swelled, giving rise to the “fight or flight” instinct, causing an adrenaline rush, but beneath this was the root of the issue—the desire to save the characters in the movie as if you were saving yourself. You understood the concept of Oneness even if it was unconscious.

What about the times people wake up in a panic or are overcome while relaxing? People keep themselves preoccupied with thoughts as a means to keep their fears in the subconscious parts of their minds. When they finally relax or sleep, their preexisting fears rise to the surface. This is a time for healing. When a panic attack arises, they would be wise to ask the Divine for healing. Be assured, the Divine will heal it. Until the panic attack passes, they could take a moment to go outside and feel the ground beneath their feet or gaze out a window and view the glorious sky and landscape to remind themselves they are part of everything, and the Divine loves them.

The Talking Tree


It was near the end of summer, still warm in Michigan. My husband and I were touring a tree nursery. The man that worked there escorted us down long row of trees, all neatly balled and on display for purchase. I held the landscape architect’s blueprint in my mind — only a few types of trees fit the plan.

As we walked, I noticed a sickly tree, off to the side, leaning against a pile of woodchips. Actually, it seemed more like it had fallen over. Most of its leaves had fallen off. This tree didn’t fit the plan so I didn’t really consider it, but I felt sorry for it because I was sure it was dead, but then a faint voice entered my head, pleading, “Help, me.” I was certain the “voice” was my imagination, because I believed trees didn’t talk. (I should point out that I wasn’t a shamanic healer at that time. In fact, I was an atheist, so the concept of Oneness and the ability to communicate with nature spirits was foreign to me.) I walked away, examining a row of healthy trees that were full of green leaves. We reached the end of that row and returned down another. As we approached the sickly tree again, I heard its faint voice repeat, “Help, me.” Now I was concerned about the state of my mind. Why did I think this tree was talking to me?

The third time around, I avoided looking at the sickly tree, but, as we passed by, I heard its voice once more say, “Help, me.” My  heart couldn’t ignore the tree’s pleas any longer. I pointed at the sickly tree, and asked the employee, “How much?” He and my husband looked at the nearly dead tree leaning to the side. The employee contemplated for a moment, then gave me a price that was fairly high (considering the shape the tree was in), but he assured me they had a one-year guarantee. “I’ll take it,” came out of my mouth, surprising both me and my husband.

A week later, the tree company installed the sickly tree that didn’t fit the architect’s blueprint and I wondered if my impulsive move had been wise.

The tree stood barren all fall and winter. I often studied it from the back windows, wondering if it would survive because I no longer heard its voice.

When Spring arrived, buds appeared on the branches of the once sickly tree. It had survived! After a few more years, the tree turned into a beautiful, lollipop-shaped tree, lush and green, and obviously happy with its place in this world.

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Chakras are circular vortexes of energy, also known as Chi, Qi or Prana, that connect the vital life force to our bodies, keeping us healthy and nourishing our mental and spiritual well-being. Chakra balancing is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system. In this class, you will learn how to balance the chakras for yourself and others. Come join us!

I became interested in chakras back when I first learned to shamanic journey. I hadn’t yet done any healing for myself or others, and was suffering from gallbladder attacks. Neither repeated trips to the doctor or medicine had done anything to alleviate the severe pain that occurred during these attacks. One afternoon, when I felt another attack coming on, I decided to balance my Heart Chakra. After about 20 minutes, I noticed the pain had gone away. Wondering if it was a coincidence, I tried it again the next time, and it worked. By balancing my chakras, I have been able to successfully avoid these attacks ever since.

From that experience, I realized when the life force energy is blocked, the body suffers, but I also discovered it is easy to unblock the chakras and restore balance.

Since then, during shamanic healing sessions, I have balanced chakras for clients, which helped restore their chakras to their natural state. Come join me for this class and learn to do the same.

Blessed journeys!
Shaman Elizabeth Herrera


Date and Time: Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at 7:00 pm

Location: The Sagewood Center, 6801 Pleasant Pines Dr., Raleigh, Classroom

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