Different Paths, One Destination with Sandra Ingerman

Part II of III

I was fortunate to have an interview with Sandra Ingerman today. She is a gifted shamanic practitioner, licensed therapist, healer, author and for 30 years has taught others shamanic practices. I enjoyed talking with her very much, and it was obvious she practices what she teaches. I hope you enjoy the insights that she shared with me.

When talking with Sandra Ingerman, I brought up the topic of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), which is a book where Jesus was channeled by a Columbia University professor beginning in 1965. I read the book during a road trip two summers ago to see how this book stated miracles occurred and compare its teachings to shamanism. I was startled to discover that the ACIM teachings were a perfect companion to my shamanic practice. I could find no differences between them. This was surprising since one is an ancient practice and the other a fairly recent channeling. It really helped me to see that although they had different forms, each was leading to the truth and there was no conflict. I was also surprised to learn that Sandra’s husband follows the ACIM teachings as well.

Sandra responded, “I think people have to find what they are passionate about. If you find a path that speaks to you, stick with it. It will bring you to the same place that all spiritual paths lead. If you are in a shamanic workshop and after a couple of days it’s not speaking to you and it doesn’t feel right. Then explore another path that you feel passionate about.

Shamanism, A Course in Miracles and others speak of love, not in an artificial way, but about a true place in the heart and the transformation of healing that happens from love. We also need to recognize that the world we are living in is a dream, and learn how we can work together to create a dream of harmony for all of life.

We all talk about the mind, body and spirit, and often say those words without really thinking about what that means. If you dissolve the body and see the body as a temple of the spirit, you will find that you are a spirit made of divine light. We are just spirits who chose to come into a body and learn how we can manifest our dreams into form. I believe our original intent was to create beauty, but we forgot that. The spirit guides are also divine light and don’t actually have a form. One task I give my students, when they shamanic journey, is to ask their spirit guide to drop their form and show their true selves. They are just divine light as we are. I believe that it is a core teaching to remember that we are spirits with the same power as our spirit guides. Our spirit guides have a bigger perspective and can provide insight that we don’t have, but the power is the same. It is our egos and bodies that limit us. Shamans have learned to let go of their mind and connect with the divine source which is where the power is. This is where the clarvoyant and healing powers come from.”

A Life of Integrity with Sandra Ingerman

Part III of III

I was fortunate to have an interview with Sandra Ingerman today. She is a gifted shamanic practitioner, licensed therapist, healer, author and for 30 years has taught others shamanic practices. I enjoyed talking with her very much, and it was obvious she practices what she teaches. I hope you enjoy the insights that she shared with me.

I brought up a vivid dream I had (see Gas Station Dreams), in which I experienced myself as a spirit helping a pastor reach an important spiritual decision. I was fortunate enough to actually meet this person a few months later, who remembered the experience! It helped show me that any one of us can act as a spirit to help others, and that we are not limited to this body, time or space.

Sandra Ingerman, responded by saying, “I have a lot of letters from people who saw my picture in a book or article, who stated that I was a person who showed up in a dream and had given them guidance. It’s not something that I am aware of in my daily life, but it does occur outside of time and space. We are multi-dimensional beings and we can help others, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

When I mentioned that I had later met the person from my vivid dream and that it provided a wonderful confirmation, Sandra replied, “In our Western culture, we are taught that if something can’t be seen, heard or touched, it doesn’t exist and it is your imagination. There has been a brain washing in the West that the spiritual world doesn’t exist. The spirits continue to give us affirmations, so that we can start to shift our conciousness from believing only that which is tangible is important.

Shamanism provides a structure that makes it easier to connect and to provide guidance. The key is… you have to bring it in to your day-to-day life. You have to become a more conscious human being. You’re the one who has to watch your thoughts and words, moment to moment. Live a life of honor and respect. Ultimately, we have the responsibility to live life in conscious way. The spirits can’t do that for us.”

Distant Healing

People often wonder how distant healing is possible. Many believe that distant healing is more difficult than an in-person healing. If you look at people as a body, then everyone is separate and every healing distant, even if they’re in the same room. But, if you look at everyone as a spirit and part of the collective consciousness, you would see that we are all connected and that every healing is done “in-person.”

As a shaman, I perform shamanic healing in the spirit realm. It’s a meeting place where spirit guides, enlightened beings, the person being healed and myself will gather to perform the healing. And sometimes other spirits will join us. For example, during a healing for a client, I noticed a spirit watching my client’s spirit. After the healing was completed, he sat next to my client and hugged her. I mentioned this to the client and she asked what the spirit looked like. I describe the spirit as a man in his early 40s or late 30s, plaid shirt, dark hair, and thin build. The client started crying. Her friend, who met this description, had died the night before.

I believe that every healing is an “in-person” healing no matter how far apart we are or whether we have a physical body. The time and space limitations of this world do not exist in the spirit realm.

The Journey Through Life

I had asked for guidance from the Spirit one day. Although I had asked for advice for myself, the words seemed universal and I wanted to share it with you.

“The question is always the same. Where to begin, when will it end. Life is a journey, the destination is not known or important. Stop the search for results, live in a moment of peace, knowing that all roads eventually lead to the Divine Spirit.

Have fun, don’t determine the results to be important. You are creating a ripple – how deep, how far, will not be known to you in this realm.

Where will you go, how will you live? We’re waiting to see how well you listen to the lessons going through your spirit, non-stop. Will you hear the Spirit or will you succumb to life’s pleasures? Only you can decide.”

I asked, “Do you like the path I have started?” The answer: “Walking, running – it doesn’t matter. You are seeking. The teacher learns as they teach. With the Spirit anything is possible. Don’t limit yourself. The reach can go well beyond yourself. While teaching immerse yourself. Let go of the ego’s embarrassment. We will help you – just let go!”

A Possessed Mind

I have come to realize that more than a spirit can possess a person. We can be possessed by other people’s thoughts. When our spouse’s, best friend’s or even a stranger’s words or actions take us out of our peace of mind – it has possessed us. Their thoughts or opinions have become more important to us than our own, and we no longer control our own thoughts or actions. We think or act according to how another would have us think or act.

How many times have you walked through a store and had someone’s actions take you out of your happy mood? Or walked through a public place and someone’s stare bothered you. You have just allowed someone else to control your mind.

Try for one day to keep your peace of mind. No matter what someone says or does, you will not be altered. Try possessing your own mind. It’s not easy! But by becoming conscious of how we are altered by others, we begin to train ourselves to stay true to our self, and let society’s expectations remain outside ourselves. We start to walk the path toward enlightenment.