Distant Healing

People often wonder how distant healing is possible. Many believe that distant healing is more difficult than an in-person healing. If you look at people as a body, then everyone is separate and every healing distant, even if they’re in the same room. But, if you look at everyone as a spirit and part of the collective consciousness, you would see that we are all connected and that every healing is done “in-person.”

As a shaman, I perform shamanic healing in the spirit realm. It’s a meeting place where spirit guides, enlightened beings, the person being healed and myself will gather to perform the healing. And sometimes other spirits will join us. For example, during a healing for a client, I noticed a spirit watching my client’s spirit. After the healing was completed, he sat next to my client and hugged her. I mentioned this to the client and she asked what the spirit looked like. I describe the spirit as a man in his early 40s or late 30s, plaid shirt, dark hair, and thin build. The client started crying. Her friend, who met this description, had died the night before.

I believe that every healing is an “in-person” healing no matter how far apart we are or whether we have a physical body. The time and space limitations of this world do not exist in the spirit realm.

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