Experiencing Shamanism through Avatar

Well, the family went to see Avatar in 3-D. What an amazing experience. As my son said, “It was more than a movie. It was an experience you take home with you.” A wise statement for a nine-year-old.

My hope, as a shaman, was for my family to have a better understanding of shamanism. The movie shows how everything is connected, plants, animals, the Earth, people and our ancestors. By watching the movie, especially one that was so engrossing, the emotional level was high. Obviously, seeing a movie is not the same as actually shamanic journeying or living in a indigenous community that supports shamanic beliefs. But, it was a good introduction.

I am inspired that one of the world’s leading movie producers, James Cameron, obviously has an in-depth knowledge of shamanism to be able to write an movie about it. With more people understanding and/or practicing shamanism, perhaps the world can begin to change for the better.

Blessed journeys!

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