Meditation Techniques

Below are details of three meditation techniques that I recommend frequently to people. I learned these techniques from the lesson plans in the A Course in Miracles book. These meditations are useful for strengthening your connection to the Spirit, removing unwanted thoughts and releasing emotional burdens. I use the ‘Connecting to the Divine Energy’ meditation on a daily basis and the other two as needed.

‘Connecting to the Divine Energy’ Meditation
The amount of time you spend is not important. It’s the connection to the Divine Energy that matters. Even if you haven’t connected to the Divine Energy before, you can do this!

To begin, sit quietly and let your mind go blank (if you have a problem doing this, try the “Releasing Unwanted Thoughts Meditation” technique below first). Breathe deeply while envisioning the Divine Energy entering your crown chakra (top of head), letting your breath carry the Divine Energy through your spine. Feel yourself being open and receptive to the Divine Energy. When you release your breath, envision it rising over your chakras and out your mouth. This facilitates a complete “circuit,” allowing the energy to flow through your body. Continue to slowly breath in and out. The results can differ from person to person and even day to day, so be open to the sensation. You may feel love or peace, or you may simply forget about your body and ‘lose’ yourself for an instant in the Divine Energy. Again, it’s not about the measure of time, but rather simply connecting to the Divine Energy. This technique can have an extreme effect on your life, especially when practiced daily.

Although the connection to the Divine Energy can occur the first time you try it, it may take days or even months to feel the connection. Don’t give up too soon! Every time you try, you are making progress, and eventually, you’ll feel the connection.

‘Giving It to the Spirit’
You can use this technique when ever you feel overwhelmed by an unwanted emotion or simply not at peace. You can give your unwanted emotion, such as fear, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. to the Spirit by saying, “I give this to you,” either silently or out loud. The unwanted emotion is soon replaced by a sense of love and peace. The transformation takes place immediately or within a short amount of time. Each time you feel an unwanted emotion offer it to the Spirit. You may have to offer it several times (this is because you may have difficulty letting go of the unwanted emotion—not due to the Spirit’s inability to transform it).

The first time I tried this technique was when my family and I moved to North Carolina. Me and my husband were looking for jobs, but it was just before the holidays and during the 2008 recession, so we weren’t getting any interviews or calls. One day, after the stress of moving to a new state with no income became overwhelming, I felt I was about to have my first anxiety attack. Before the feeling became overwhelming, I decided to give this burden to Spirit. I felt an immediate warmth enter my body. The fear was gone within a few seconds!

It was a confirmation to me that the Spirit is always available to help and does love us. I now find myself releasing ALL unwanted emotions, even ‘small’ ones such as irritation and impatience, as they occur. This has made a tremendous difference in the quality of my life.

Releasing Unwanted Thoughts Meditation (Great for abundance!)
You can use this meditation when you have thoughts that keep interrupting your meditation.

First, sit and relax. Let your mind go blank. When a thought comes to your mind, acknowledge it and then release it. If it is a thought that causes unwanted emotion or distress, you should give it to the Spirit (see the technique above) by saying “I give this to you.” It is very important that once an unwanted emotion is recognized that it is released to the Spirit, otherwise, you will reinforce the thought and keep it.

Continue doing this until the thoughts stop coming. You can then continue with the ‘Connecting to the Spirit’ meditation technique described above.

The first time I used this technique was after an offer on a house fell through. This was on top of all the other things “going wrong” in my life, and I wondered what beliefs were limiting me from accepting the Universal abundance that is available to all of us. I spent the entire morning releasing everything that came to my mind–some from childhood and teen years right up to the present. Sometimes I had to release what I had done to others. It became a major lesson in forgiveness. But what shocked me the most was the unexpected effects this technique had on me. A few days later, the deal on the house came back and I had an offer for a job that I hadn’t applied for (and it paid well). It’s amazing what happens when we release the barriers to the Divine Energy!

These techniques can have many positive effects and you will eventually begin to ‘hear’ the Spirit’s voice, which can help guide your life. You will feel love on a daily basis and know that you are not traveling this life alone.

NOTE: Some people have expressed a concern that they felt worse during meditation, so I wrote another post , It Might Get Worse, Before It Gets Better, which helps explains this.


11 thoughts on “Meditation Techniques

  1. Hi Elizabeth . Having read the meditation techniques what really called to me was the hearing Spirit’s guidance regularly and making positive decisions. I have been journeying for quite a number of years – both for myself and on a voluntary basis. It never stops absolutely thrilling me and rendering me ‘thoughtless’.
    However, I have troubles at other times remembering to listen in order to have the guidance play a regular and ‘loud’ voice in my life? – especially when it comes to ‘career’. Do you have any other ideas? They would be very welcome. Thankyou. sue


  2. Sue,
    I know it can be difficult sometimes to ‘hear’ the Voice, as the world gets in the way. I find that sometimes a retreat can revitalize me with time spent going inward and forgetting the world, for at least a little while. You may find different techniques work for you, but it seems that you have already found two very effective ones. Just keep connecting!


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    • I believe hypnotherapy works the same way that shamanic journey does (although it doesn’t utilize the help of spirit guides and enlightened being as interactive participants). The conscious mind accesses the spiritual self/higher mind and makes a decision jointly. Because the higher mind is where this life is created, the decision is manifested/projected in this physical realm.

      Keep up the healing! It doesn’t matter what form healing takes, as long as it happens.

      Blessed journeys!
      Shaman Elizabeth


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