A Life of Integrity with Sandra Ingerman

Part III of III

I was fortunate to have an interview with Sandra Ingerman today. She is a gifted shamanic practitioner, licensed therapist, healer, author and for 30 years has taught others shamanic practices. I enjoyed talking with her very much, and it was obvious she practices what she teaches. I hope you enjoy the insights that she shared with me.

I brought up a vivid dream I had (see Gas Station Dreams), in which I experienced myself as a spirit helping a pastor reach an important spiritual decision. I was fortunate enough to actually meet this person a few months later, who remembered the experience! It helped show me that any one of us can act as a spirit to help others, and that we are not limited to this body, time or space.

Sandra Ingerman, responded by saying, “I have a lot of letters from people who saw my picture in a book or article, who stated that I was a person who showed up in a dream and had given them guidance. It’s not something that I am aware of in my daily life, but it does occur outside of time and space. We are multi-dimensional beings and we can help others, even if we are not consciously aware of it.

When I mentioned that I had later met the person from my vivid dream and that it provided a wonderful confirmation, Sandra replied, “In our Western culture, we are taught that if something can’t be seen, heard or touched, it doesn’t exist and it is your imagination. There has been a brain washing in the West that the spiritual world doesn’t exist. The spirits continue to give us affirmations, so that we can start to shift our conciousness from believing only that which is tangible is important.

Shamanism provides a structure that makes it easier to connect and to provide guidance. The key is… you have to bring it in to your day-to-day life. You have to become a more conscious human being. You’re the one who has to watch your thoughts and words, moment to moment. Live a life of honor and respect. Ultimately, we have the responsibility to live life in conscious way. The spirits can’t do that for us.”

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