Slumber Parties and a Mom’s Patience

Yesterday my daughter had her first slumber party. A half hour before nine girls were to show up, I went upstairs to ask for help from the divine. I asked for patience, endurance and to not get mad over trivia things that might occur. Especially after the other morning when I lost my temper over my son not taking out the trash – a minor incidence compared to how I knew this day would test me.

At the party, we made punch, hit a piñata, played silly games, ate dinner and cheese cake and watched a video. The toilet also plugged up, the handle on the piñata fell off, the punch stained the counter top, and the girls were loud, but they were having fun – lots of it!

Later that night before going to bed, I thanked God for letting me make it through the day with my dignity intact, with no yelling or lose of control. And then I put my ear plugs in and went to sleep. It was a perfect day for my daughter, which was the most important aspect of this.

Blessed journeys!

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