Living the Shamanic Life in a Modern World

I have been thinking about the direction of this blog. It seems that offering overviews of soul retrieval, aura cleansings and healings don’t really seem the right direction. After all, those explanations are pretty standard. I thought it would be more interesting to offer insight on how living a shamanic life impacts family, career, friends and community.

Raising children as a shaman can be a balancing act living in a modern society setting. For instance, how can I raise my children to understand that we are all connected if I criticize them for giving away a favorite toy (because another kid admired it). How do I explain that everything is alive – yes, even that stuffed animal, and not get worried when my son goes to school and tells his classmates that the stuffed animal is alive! I worry that my lifestyle will impact their social opportunities and whether other kids will sit with them on the bus. I worry, yet none of my fears come to fruition. They are social, have lots of friends, and still understand that they are realms that are real that cannot be seen with our “eyes.” They seem to self regulate what they say and intuitively know who will be receptive and who won’t.

For instance, my son, age 9, had asked if he could show his friend my “rock collection.” I think, sure why not. Every kids like stones and crystals. When I began to wonder what was taking them so long, the two kids finally appeared. I asked my son how his friend liked the rocks and why they were up there so long. It turns out my son had used the rocks to build a circle around his friend and was sending him healing energy. Fear rises in me! What if he tells his parents? I ask my son what his friend thought of that and he simply says, “He liked it,” and runs outdoors. I start to think I am making this too complicated. Kids understand. It’s me that is learning to live in this society and undo years of conditioning and teachings. Learning to let go of the fears that seem to come with being raised in modern world.

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