The Red Button

English: Michael Jackson 2nd June 1988. "...

English: Michael Jackson 2nd June 1988. “Wiener Stadion” venue in Vienna, Austria. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a dream last night about Michael Jackson after his death.

In the dream, Michael Jackson was preparing for a concert. The sound system was being tested, the dancers were warming up and the family and friends were mingling. However, when someone on stage asked Michael to decide whether to “push the red button,” he felt he didn’t have the authority to give the go ahead. He kept glancing at his mother and the men around her for permission. Then, I noticed that the stadium was full of cheering fans, yet the red button still hadn’t been pushed. The pressure from the fans and family grew and he looked scared. I came up behind him and said, “Michael, it’s okay to leave.”

He then strode up the aisle triumphantly, pushed through the double doors, and left the building. When I looked back, I saw Don King, Michael’s father and other men of prominence lying on the edge of the stage, sick and trembling with Michael’s mother standing over them.

After the dream was over I thought about what I had seen…an overview of a life that was filled with great talent, but ultimately, one that had a much deeper and important role to play…his spiritual path. The dreamed showed him releasing his fears and dealing with the age-old struggle of following his heart versus doing what was expected of him from the society and those closest to him. Most important, I saw a man, who after his death, took a step back and looked at his life from a different perspective and chose to follow his heart.

4 thoughts on “The Red Button

  1. I think when some people have amazing talents, they let fear stop them from pursuing them because they are afraid of failure, or maybe just taking it to the next level. Some people think, have I reached the top? What do I do from here? But I believe thre are many ways to expand and learn in each little area of life; the branches that come out from the main ‘focal point” can turn into amazing things!! I know, this is how my life is, and I really don’t see an end to the creativity, learning experiences, goodness, positively influencing others, and much, much more; I just try and soak it in and enjoy the moment, even though I know there are amazing things to come!! I think if you keep doing what you are doing, you will be happily surprised; over, and over agian!


  2. Dear Shaman
    Push the red button ,you should not worry your family will always love you. True friends will stand by you ,and belive in you matter what you do or belive in.


  3. I do not fear pushing the red button any longer in my life, dear Shaman. I have pushed it many times, without regret and always found the benefit in doing so. I suspect that you have now too…and will continue to evolve and push it more often. Bless you! I love this piece of work…


  4. Last night, I watched the “This Is It” documentary film of Michael Jackson preparing for his last concert tour that was cut short by his death. What really intrigued me was that he wore red in almost every scene.


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