Brick Walls and Life Changes

I have been going through huge life changes for the last three years. The most traumatic has been the loss of financial stability and income. It seemed that previously everything I touched turned to gold. Now every opportunity flees before I can touch it.

When I first noticed that events were not going my way, I grew frustrated and a little depressed. I had created an image of myself based on my career and financial wealth. Now I wondered who I was, and what I had done to create these seemingly unfavorable changes.

I’ve been in the advertising field for 20 years. It is easy for people to despise advertising, but there are two sides to every story. I have seen advertising save businesses and organization from failing, which saved jobs and services. I know that advertising helps support sporting events (including high school), my favorite TV shows, and even public bus transportation. Advertising is creative and provides a good wage – for other people :). I like my clients and enjoy interacting with them. So it’s difficult for me to understand this pull into shamanism with such a force that it’s hard for me to focus on anything else.

But each way I turn there is a brick wall. And at some point, I have to decide to “read the writing on the wall.” And embrace the change and “know” without a doubt that there is a plan for me that is greater than anything I could have planned.

Blessed journeys!

2 thoughts on “Brick Walls and Life Changes

  1. Dear Shaman
    I like you I have gone through hard times these past seven years .I am retired from the military ,and was full of hope and, happy to know that I would have a normal life again. But I have found that people out here in the civiian world don’t care about each other unlike the military but most traumatic for me has been finding out that my wife is dieing a slow death from a liver disease . I too was becoming depressed but I was searching and found your Blog ,and started reading them daily .I would like to tell you that you have help fill that empty hole and to help me to start to rebuild my life . I thing you have found your true calling in being a shaman ,and that you will find peace .

    Thanks and blessed journeys !
    please respond .


  2. Thank you for the encouragement. It seems that most people only take the time to make negative comments. But that is fairly normal for our society.

    The service men that I have talked to always express great devotion to their troops. I agree that there is something fundamental missing in our society. We have become very isolated in our family segments and many of us do not feel a part of our communities. The separateness is great. And when people finally get to the point where they are ready to connect to others, those around them often aren’t ready. But, I am working on changing my perception of the world and trying to envision the world as a loving place.

    I am sorry for your wife’s liver disease. Has she considered a shamanic healing?

    Blessed journeys!


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