Changing Perspectives

CougarDuring a shamanic journeying, I was guided by Jesus to a waterfall. He asked me to look at it and give my impression. I looked at the waterfall with its cascading water flowing into a lake surrounded by lush trees, and said it was beautiful.

Suddenly, we were at the top of the waterfall. The sound of the water was deafening as I peered over the edge. Jesus asked me again to give my impression.

I said, “I am afraid of falling and it’s scary.”

Jesus said, “It’s the same waterfall, yet your perspective changed. This applies to everything in life.”

Then, we were in a forest. A fox appeared and came up to Jesus. As Jesus petted him, He said, “You are like this fox…smart, fast and cunning. Yet, the fox hunts at night, too afraid to show himself during the day. You must become more like the bear and cougar, and be able to show your full strength in broad daylight, without fear and being true to yourself.”

Jesus was kind enough to help me see that my perspectives are based on whether something seems ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Judgements that I am not qualified to make. I must rely on the Spirit for its judgement, and be willing to take action as I am inspired to do.

Transformation takes time and involves many life lessons—not necessarily easy lessons. But no one said it was going to easy.

Blessed journeys!

2 thoughts on “Changing Perspectives

  1. Hi Shaman
    Where you talk about acquaintance being of your afraid of your
    shaman work maybe this person not was afraid at all but did not fully under stand .Maybe they need to learn more about shamanism. May be they said some thing that should not have said.Losing a friend is a very sad for both parties maybe this person really needs your guidance and advise .That is what forgiveness about right. Maybe you should still tryand friends.


  2. I do not doubt she was afraid of my shamanic practices. Perhaps over time as we run into each other, she will over come her fears. I don’t think pressuring her would achieve the goal of releasing fear. It’s best to let everyone go at their pace.


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