Can I Pray for You? Is Permission Needed to Heal?

When is the last time someone asked your permission to pray for you? Were you offended if they prayed without your consent? Most of us would appreciate the effort regardless of whether we had different religious beliefs (or none).

But, if you ask most shamans, they would say that it is unethical to perform a healing for someone without their permission? Why is that?

I have performed many healings for friends without their permission and sometimes without their knowledge. Why? Because I cared about them and wanted them to be healed. I wasn’t concerned about getting permission, because ultimately, the healing is not from me. I may request the healing, but I do not have the power to give it. The divine source provides the power to heal.

It’s my role as a shaman to ask permission from my spirit guide, and if granted, continue with the healing request. If it’s not my place to ask, the spirit guides won’t grant the healing, and sometimes my power animal will block me from asking for the healing. If the healing is granted, but the person does not want to be healed—they won’t be healed. Our free will is never imposed on by enlightened spirits.

Sometimes during my shamanic journeys, the spirit guides will mention people who need healing and so I request a healing for them. Since the request was spontaneous, I obviously did not have the people’s permission, but I usually will tell them afterward that a healing was performed.

Even so, I do prefer that the person knows and gives permission for their healing request for several reasons. First, I want them to consciously accept the healing—it won’t happen if they don’t want it. I would also like them to experience the miracle for themselves. If they suddenly are well, but don’t know the reason, they miss out on knowing that they received a miracle and that the Divine Source cares about them.

Blessed journeys!

8 thoughts on “Can I Pray for You? Is Permission Needed to Heal?

  1. yes yes yes!! i think you covered everything i would say about using one’s gifts and talents, especially the non-physical ones, with and for others.

    I have heard the ‘not without permission rule’ in several realms of my knowings and for a long time accepted and lived by the rule. However, now, I do agree it is more about acceptance and willing on the part of the other. And you can never ever do something to someone else without them giving you the ‘power’ to do so. With the understanding that it’s not ever really you and them, it’s god-as-me and god-as-other, so all healing is Self-healing of the Oneness.

    thank you for your writing and your shaman work!


  2. Dear Shaman
    I think it is a good thing to pray for people .I belive it gives them
    strengh and hope from a greater power . I know I have prayed for you so that you will be able to heal and guided people in there needs . as I would like you to pray for me in my needs.
    I know that have prayed for my old friend from high school over the years and have found that she is now happy and doing what she real wants by helping other with there needs.


  3. You asked who my old friend is I can tell you that she is from a small town in Michigan .She was my hero she guide me in wisdom and friendship , and I am very proud of her today she helps many people in all aspects of the needs .


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