The Transference of Negative Energy

I recently picked up vertigo after performing a healing. I woke up in the middle of the night with the room spinning. Every time I turned over in my sleep, the spinning would happen again. When morning came, I was nauseous and dizzy. I waited several hours, and when I felt well enough to shamanic journey, I requested a healing for myself. The vertigo went away that day. I have not ever had vertigo before or since. My own healing worked, but it reminded me that I must protect myself before performing healings for others. Negative energy can be picked up in both remote or in-person healings.

This seems a strange concept for those that haven’t experienced picking up others illnesses or pain. But consider this… have you walked into a room after an argument and felt the heavy energy in the room? Or, felt someone staring at you from across the room? It is a similar experience of feeling or absorbing another person’s energy.

To protect myself, I visualize a bright yellow ball of energy above my head. I then draw the energy down through my body, slowly and deeper with each breath, until I am filled with this positive energy. I then visualize it surrounding me with a protective shield of love. If I am performing an in-person healing, I will also surround him or her with the positive energy. I have always been surprised that it works, and any time that I begin to doubt its effectiveness and don’t do it… well, I pay the price by once again absorbing the negative energy.

4 thoughts on “The Transference of Negative Energy

  1. Great story..

    Wow..that was pretty synchronistic topic. Last night I started my massage class and got the same feeling when we did a touch exercise. I got a feeling in my throat and got really hot. It was definitely unusual as I was perfectly fine before and after.

    I guess I need to be grounded and centered more. I like your ball of energy. I will try that and also find some crystals that help to.


  2. Because of past experiences, I see energy as neutral. If occultists are correct, the power center in the human body is the solar plexus. When energy is taken into this area, it can be recycled into whatever we want it to be. Anger can be transformed into feeling of compassion and love. Panic attacks can be changed into raw power. It takes practice, intent and focus, but it works.


    • I do believe that ‘negative’ energy can be transformed through love. As far as being neutral, I believe it more accurate to say something is either true or false. If it’s not of love, it is not eternal and therefore false. For example, you mentioned panic attacks. A panic attack is derived from fear (lack of love). People cannot be afraid if they engulfed in love. Love would dissolve the fear. The state of a person’s mind determines whether they are in a state of fear or love. All healing begins with the mind (spirit), which transforms our ‘physical’ reality. Hope this made sense to you!
      Blessed journeys!


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