Channeled Writings – Come Home

This is a bit of a departure from my normal posts, but I asked what “they” had to say and this is what came out…

“I am that which you need. There is no other. You seek pleasure in this world where there is so little joy, and set apart yourself from your true self. Come home. How? Be present.

Let us talk in riddles. You think you understand what the world is saying, yet you don’t even know why you are here. Who are you? Do you know? Have you remembered who you are and your ancient home that still waits for you? I think not. You have set up a world apart from yourself, thinking that it is grand. Yet, you are unhappy, lonely and even fearful because you know that it will not last. Your world, you created, will come to an end and you are afraid to go home and meet the Creator who waits for you.

There is no reason to fear. Your Creator waits patiently for his impudent child who has had lived out his mad idea and could not admit he made a mistake. And even when he saw that he was wrong, wanted still to stay separate in his own world. One day, your Creator will meet you at the door, open his loving arms and say, “What a silly mistake! Welcome home.”

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