The Two Sides of Eve – Ego vs. Spirit

Over and over for a week, I have heard comments from people stating that they don’t fit in this world – and never have. I knew they were echoing what I felt as well. Especially this last week, when I kept vacillating between peacefulness and flights of profound sadness and fearfulness. I realize now that it was a lesson to show me the rewards of being connected with the spirit versus being connected with the ego.

What is the ego?
The ego was created by our thoughts (we are creators, just like our Creator). We create an ego for ourselves and each person we meet. The ego will die without us, but believes that it can live without us. It’s mad and insane. It longs to be free of us, thinking it can live without its creator. It is emulating our original decision that we could live apart from our Creator. It fears that we will awaken and realize that the ego is not who we really are—that we will remember our true spiritual self. Once we know our true self, the ego will cease to exist—a state of mind called enlightenment.

The ego uses conniving methods, such as feelings of bravado to motivate us, and fear when we are headed toward enlightenment to cloud our vision. You could compare the creation of the ego with the ‘Garden of Eden’ scene in the Bible where Satan convinces Adam and Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. The forbidden fruit was symbolic of the thought of living separately from our Creator—a decision that created the ego thought-system which deceived us into believing that we could be created by something other than God, and at the same dissociating ourselves from the fear and guilt that stemmed from the separation.

How do we live on this earth without the torment of the ego?
I believe that it is possible to listen to our spiritual self through the Spirit to know how to go about our day. Listening to the Spirit is not a conscious act to ignore the ego, but rather the natural outcome. When listening to the Spirit, we are connecting to our higher selves which automatically fills us with love and overpowers the thoughts of the ego. There are only two basic emotions – love and fear (lack of love). The ego is ruled by fear and the Spirit is love.

One thought on “The Two Sides of Eve – Ego vs. Spirit

  1. FEAR
    False Evidence Appearing Real

    When you find yourself in the midst of constriction and fear, you’re experiencing identify theft at its most painful level. In that moment, the ego mind has convinced you that who you really are is an isolated human being scrambling to survive in a threatening environment. But that is not who you are! You are divine light. You are a divine being who has come into this life to manifest in human form so you can experience emotions, give love, feel happiness, cry tears, laugh out loud, and open your heart and soul to other beings.

    When we can detach from the ego mind, then we see our fears for what they are: false evidence appearing real. Then we can sense our oneness with the universe, God, or consciousness. We know that we aren’t limited but that the universe is flowing through us. We move from a state of constriction to a state of expansion. In that moment, we are experiencing our most genuine self.

    In the event you feel this constriction or ego-hijacking – stop, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” Try it right now.

    This gratitude activity can help you reconnect to the universality that connects our 6.9 billion physical bodies. It can also help you to realize that your existence is amazing . . . you are pure consciousness, wrapped in DNA, wrapped in food, covered in flesh, for the span of a lifetime.


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