Addictions and Spirituality – Same Goal, Different Paths


All paths eventually lead us back to our Divine Source, but some paths are more painful than others.

Deep down inside of all of us, there is an urge to connect with our divine source that can’t be ignored. Some people use drugs, compulsive shopping and/or gambling to get an artificial high that mimics the Divine connection, but it never satisfies them. After the high wears off, the addict is left empty, prompting the cycle to repeat itself.

There are lots of great treatment centers out there, but 40-60% of addicts return to their former lifestyles because addiction is caused by a spiritual emptiness.

Once an addict is willing to turn inward and acknowledge that the emptiness comes from feeling separate from the universal love, then they can begin to follow a path that allows them to feel whole again. Which path they choose is up to them. Some people turn to religion for comfort, others discover practices such as Shamanism, Paganism, Gnosticism, yoga, meditation and many others. It doesn’t matter which one they choose, as long as they connect with the universal love, because then they will finally feel filled inside.

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