Shaman Stone Soup

The Book that will Help You Believe in Miracles!

I wrote Shaman Stone Soup after learning that some people were afraid of shamanism. This was surprising, since I had discovered through my experiences with shamanism that it offered a divine connection with enlightened beings, nature, and the loving Spirit. I have experienced many miracles in my life, and I wanted others to know that miracles occur and to believe that they could receive these wonderous gifts for themselves!

The title Shaman Stone Soup was based on the parable of Stone Soup, which demonstrates that when people give a portion of their abundance to others who lack, we create a pot of delicious “soup” that can be shared by all. A wonderful analogy of miracles!

The book includes a short, introductory memoir of how I was led to the path of miracles and 20 true-life stories based on my personal experiences and as a healer for friends, family, and clients.

In Shaman Stone Soup, I offered a view of the healing process from the “other side” by showing how spirit guides, angels, and enlightened teachers answer our calls for help through miracles.

Inside the book are stories of a ghost who overstayed her welcome, the spirits of ancient wise men who offered advice and a miraculous cure from cancer, a conversation with a hurricane and its unintended impact, the man who got out of his wheelchair to go hunting and fishing, the severing of karmic ties and its healing impact on a young college boy, a vivid dream of a pastor who needed guidance, the transformation of a schizophrenic, loving contact from my mother who died unexpectedly, and more.

Shaman Stone Soup offers a multifaceted view of miracles that is not limited to shamanism, A Course In Miracles, religion, spirituality, or lack of faith, but rather emphasizes that miracles are natural occurrences experienced by everyone.

“I really enjoyed reading Shaman Stone Soup…clearly written from the heart.”
— Sandra Ingerman, Author of Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Journeying.

“Beautifully written and heartfelt stories.”
— Hal Z Bennett, Author-Writing Coach and Best-Selling AuthorSpirit Animals & The Wheel of Life: Earth-Centered Practices for Daily Living and Spirit Guides: Companions & Mentors for Your Inner Journeywww.HalZinaBennett.Com

“Take this journey into the world of the Shaman and the miraculous power of love in the healing process.”
— Louis LaGrand, Ph.D., CT Loss Education Associates. Author of Love Lives On.

“Unique and captivating.”
Awareness Magazine,


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9 thoughts on “Shaman Stone Soup

  1. Congrats on your book! I love the title and the front cover. I am also very drawn to the shamanic path and do find that most people don’t understand it. Thanks for writing this book.


    • Janice,
      Thank you for your compliment—it means so much! I hope the book helps people. My father commented that it has helped him to think more clearly about his life and spiritual path. Perhaps, it can do the same for others.
      Blessed journeys!


  2. I’m not quite sure how I ended up on this page, other than to have allowed Spirit to click on it for me!
    I am delighted to find someone who practices as I do; I am a certified wellness coach specializing in energy healing and shamanic practice. However….and this is a big “however”……I also facilitate A Course in Miracles study groups as I feel the connection between that work and the shamanic teachings. Few recognize how these teachings enhance each other, and I am absolutely delighted to make acquaintance with another like mind, or rather–“like soul”. I hope to visit here frequently. Many bright blessings in this new year, Elizabeth!


    • Patti,
      I understand the connection between shamanism and ACIM, however, it is not well-known. I decided to come up with a new label for it… Miracalism! LOL

      I have a blog post that compares the two, and mention it my book as well.

      Blessings to you and Happy New Year!


  3. Miracalism–I like that! I think you will be the topic of our class discussion when my group meets Wed. night! They are all “fledgling Shamans” and avid ACIM students!
    How do I locate the blog that compares the two? I would be very interested in reading that and sharing with you on it.


  4. Thank you, Elizabeth; i am somewhat new at blogging, and should have seen this before. Nevertheless, I went right to Amazon and ordered the book! I am looking forward to reading of your experiences, and knowing in advance that I will be…on some level….reading about myself within the pages. 🙂


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