A Concubine Among Sailors — Channeled Writings

I asked the Spirit to guide this writing and give me a message for whoever needed to hear it most. If it’s for you, be blessed. Although, I suspect that it is also for me.

A jaunt among the world. Today it’s yours to see. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve great things. Only a willingness to fulfill your purpose for God. He doesn’t wait for knowledge or skills. He attributes you with what you need, when you need it. Go forth and sing his praises. Live among the trees and bask in the sun’s glory. Life is to be filled with love.

Yet, you search for achievements. A concubine among sailors… give them what they want… but you will lose your way in the process. Keep true to your path. Others may not appreciate it, but those traveling along the same path will understand and appreciate you beating the overgrowth out of their way. Don’t grow tired. Ask for the energy to go forth and really live. Live like there is no death, no punishment, and no remorse. Only love will be your judgement. Only love is. Only love will make you happy. Give your sorrows to the Spirit. Remember that all negative thoughts are not real and not yours. Let them go this instant and behold the light within you, so that others may feel that light and remember that it lives within them.

Go and remember who you really are. Don’t let judgements of money or beauty be held against you. These are futile dreams hoping to exchange heaven for a few pennies.The shame in living comes from not living at all. The loss of heaven has taken all the joy from your grand adventure and left you with dark clouds that seem to ruin your picnic. The bugs and ants pick at you and the humid air causes you to sweat. Yet, you stand and proclaim this is the best day ever. You don’t know what a grand day is. Does heaven shine before you? Do you see the love in everyone? Until you do, you won’t know true happiness. You won’t feel undying love without end.

Don’t put limits on me. You limit yourself when you do. Your search for nothingness has left you unhappy because you put limits on what your happiness is. Without this or that, you determine that you are unhappy. Happiness just is. Nothing will make you happy. Nothing will bring you gladness. Nothing in this world is real except love.

Blessed journeys!

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