What a difference a day makes

I am watching our new cat clean himself on my work desk. Only a few weeks ago, he was homeless, skinny and had an infected cat bite on his back. The first time we saw him, he was sitting in the rain by our front door. He greeted my kids and I as we arrived home just before dark.

Being given a home was a miracle for this cat. It made me think about the aspects of life that seem out of my reach. Aspects that could change instantaneously, tomorrow or next week.

My husband asked me a few weeks ago, “What’s your plan?” My answer of “I don’t have one,” didn’t go over well. But, frankly my plans haven’t been working so well these last few years. It really is time to let the Divine take control. It’s time for an effortless life that is in-sync with the universe, that involves having faith, being present in the moment and living fearlessly.

I look at the cat, who is now sleeping in the sun, and think “What a difference a day makes.”

Blessed journeys!

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