Have your ever experienced a miracle?

I have experienced miracles for myself and when providing shamanic healing for others. I have given several examples in previous posts, such as the time I was saved from hitting a herd of deer on the highway in my post The Power of Power Animals, and when the divine communicated with me using shooting stars in Guiding Stars.

So, my request to you is to provide an example of a miracle that you have experienced for yourself. There is no better proof than experience!

3 thoughts on “Have your ever experienced a miracle?

  1. I have experienced a miracle by my wife finding a doctor who has been able to help her with her medical conditions ,and seening her gain strengh back in her body . and not being in so much pain.


  2. Walter,
    That is great news! I did perform a healing for her several weeks ago as well. With all the positive energy coming her way, from your caring attention to a good doctor’s care, she is bound to feel better!


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