Missed Opportunities

The other day, I was re-listening to a CD of a channeled reading from five years ago. Channelings are where a person agrees to let a spirit talk through them. This channeler had been working with the same enlightened spirit for years.

During the session, the channeler kept stating over and over, “You are a healer.” I would answer him, but never to agree. It went something like this:

Channeler: You are a healer.
ME: Maybe I should do skin care. That’s a form of healing.

Channeler: You are a healer.
ME: Maybe I should see how this graphic design career goes. It pays well.

Channeler: You are a healer.
ME: Maybe I should consider a new career.

Channeler: You are a healer.
ME: How can anyone make a living as a healer?
Channeler: If you can heal people. What wouldn’t they pay!

The spirit was patient with me, but no matter what was said, I couldn’t hear it. I had created my own un-reality. I wished I had listened with the mind set that I have now (youth is wasted on the young and foolish!). But, as I listened now, I also felt cautioned against possible blockages I might have in place now. What was I overlooking? What opportunities am I missing now? Am I holding myself back?

I had missed out on many productive years because I didn’t believe it was possible for me to have what I wanted. I now know that we are all glorious and our potential is unlimited!

Are you missing out on your potential? Ask yourself:
Have you settled for ‘Plan B’ in your life?
Have you set limitations on what is possible?
Has fear of what others might think prevented you from trying to achieve your dream?
Have you convinced yourself that you don’t have the money or time to do what you really want to do?
Do you keep waiting for the perfect time (after the kids are grown, after I have enough money in the bank, etc.)?

Don’t wait any longer! This world will be heaven when we all live up to our potential!

Blessed journeys!

One thought on “Missed Opportunities

  1. Dear Shaman
    I am glad you followed your dreams so you can now help lots of people in need . Some times money is not every thing ,and dreams are more important. Remeber true friends will always stand by you.


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