Visionary Fiction – Earth Sentinels

the Hunt for Truth


Earth Sentinels
a novel I like
Everything that is, is, in some way, an integral part of the universe. Throughout history in every past that we know of, humans have been at odds with other humans. Recently, a lot of people are fed up with that.Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators
I know, I was fed up with that. I wanted to discover a divine nature. I wanted to give up fighting and contrasting and find ways to connect and to share. I was entirely fed up with being against something.
Here is where I was when I picked up the story, The Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators, by Shaman Elizabeth Herrera.
All of our being is part of all of being. Our struggles from all around the world are connected just as our joys in a moment with a few we love are globally and integrally connected to all that…

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