Tell Me Why I Continue to Hold onto This Dream

In Greek mythology the goddess Nyx stood at or...

In Greek mythology the goddess Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Channeled message: You love this dream. You make plans, you create, you love and hate, you laugh and cry. You love it all. It’s your creation, but you look at it through the ego’s vision and it is distorted, because you look at it alone.

It was created with the power of God, because you are God. But after its creation, you wanted it for yourself. This is when the pain, guilt and belief of separation began. Give this world back to God, back to your brother. Give your fondest creation back to all of Creation and you will see the beauty that lies below the illusion of form. You will see the love, the energy, that allows you create the form. It allows because it loves you. It allows because this is your wish. Offer your creation to the Spirit, ask for its transformation, its purification. Ask to see the love that is there…the love that has never left.

7 thoughts on “Tell Me Why I Continue to Hold onto This Dream

  1. I do know what you mean, and there is a sense in which I agree very much with this spiritual revisioning of one’s creativity.

    On the other hand, I sometimes wonder if there is another way to look at our creations – not from the “flawed, fallen creature” point of view but from an acceptance of oneself as God already accepts us? There might be no need to give back to anyone (if we knew that no one, not even God, “owns or needs” anything. We would not need, to request that what we create be purified, if we treated our creation as that of a child hard at work, a little girl “allowed” to paint what she like…

    What if we stepped outside the Christian and other religious frameworks which have told us literally for ages that everything we do must be subject to “higher authority” for it to be okay? They always tell us the problem with us is “just the Ego” but that pretty much silences us because (it seems to me) we were given the Ego as the quill of the pen or the point of a pencil – to create in Matter.

    I still wrestle with the old Catholic conception of human personality (and dreamed that this was an issue for me, the other night!) so I can see this from both perspectives: that we have to “put on a new set of spiritual glasses” in order to see properly, etc, etc….versus maybe our eyes work pretty well if we could just understand that as a truth.. So I wonder?


    • As always, you offer poetic insights. I think we see this the same way, although our terminology may be different. Yes, we are perfect. But, since we are One with God (Holy Spirit/Universal Oneness or whatever name one chooses to give it), the permission ultimately comes from our Divine Self. Permission to see ourselves as we really are…perfect.
      I left religion long ago, including the idea of sin and punishment. All I am longing to do now is fully remember my divine, perfect self and let go of this illusion of seeing myself and others as less than the perfect spirits we all are.
      Since the world is not real, ultimately there are no right or wrong actions or thoughts. Simply imaginings of being separate. That is all.


      • It is quite interesting how we can leave “religion” behind on a conscious level, but still carry deep imprints from its paradigms within the unconscious. I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with this state of affairs, just that it gets cumbersome and in the way of spiritual innovation and adventure beyond the old horizons.

        Of course, once we decide the world is not real, then we are left to ask why we need both with any of it – or at least, that has always been my response to that very Hindu and Buddhist religious belief.

        Still, we do sort these things out, each in our own way, and it is good to see you writing again!


  2. Lovely post Elizabeth. I totally agree that we are God… and I can see now that I wanted it all for myself, which has created pain, guilt and that’s when the belief of separation began. Couldn’t agree more. “Offer your creation to the Spirit, ask for its transformation, its purification. Ask to see the love that is there…the love that has never left.”… I say thanks to you for these beautiful words of wisdom that I will use.

    I just came to visit when I saw that you received also The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I have decided to follow your blog in my Bloglovin’ reader and FB page and Twitter also. Love what you are writing about. 🙂

    It’s nice meeting you, congratulations again on receiving this award!


    • One thing I have learned since writing this is that the Spirit, God and “ourselves” are one, so in essence, we are offering our misbeliefs to ourselves, perhaps as acknowledgment, for healing. Thanks for the comments.

      Sometimes, I just let the Spirit talk through me and often am surprised at what I will learn (or in reality, simply remember what I always have known).

      Blessed journeys!


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