Meaningful Communication

We often underestimate the importance of meaningful communication. But the need to share ourselves with someone who looks at us with loving eyes and a non-judgemental heart is essential to our well-being.

How many of you have had a heart-to-heart conversation lately? One that inspired you, made you feel loved, or showed you the need to make amends?

Our western society often leaves us feeling isolated. We are results-oriented, and a conversation that doesn’t profit us is often considered a waste of time. But as the Beatles’ song says… “Money can’t buy you love…,” although it can buy you companionship.

Without the exchange of meaningful communication, we are just bodies in the company of other bodies. We have a great need to share our spirit with another spirit, and connect beyond the physical to experience love.

How to have a meaningful communication:

  1. Be in the moment. You can only connect with the spirit being in the present. Remember ‘yesterday’ is memory and ‘tomorrow’ is only a concept.
  2. Listen with love.
  3. Feel what the person is saying, instead of analysing it.
  4. Share the conversation – each person should feel heard. When one person dominates the conversation, it makes the other feel unappreciated and therefore ‘unseen.’ So, ask questions, listen and give of yourself.
  5. Remember that we are part of one conciousness and we are experiencing ourselves when we are communicating with ‘someone else.’
  6. Words are optional. We can share love through our actions… sometimes a hug can say it all!

There are days when friends or family aren’t available or are dealing with their own issues, so instead I turn to Shamanic journeying or meditation to connect to the Spirit and feel the love that I need. It also allows me to express my feelings to a non-judgmental being who responds with perfect love.

Blessed journeys!

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