It’s Not Easy Being Special

In the book, The Prince of Tides, the mother whispered to each of her children that they were special and that she loved them the most. This “specialness” created a guilty secret and made each child feel separate from their siblings. Feeling special never creates the emotions that we think it will.

Feeling special is to feel separate. Being separate creates feelings of isolation, fear and loneliness. In our drive for being special, we think everyone will adores us and that things will go our way. But we find that no matter whether someone thinks we are beneath them or above them – it is always a separate relationship. The only way to feel connected is to see ourselves as equals. Not in abilities, but in value.

There is no need to feel guilty about our blessings of health, wealth and happiness. Be glad! If you achieved fame because you love acting or wrote a book that millions loved to read – that’s great! The point here is to examine why you are doing what you are doing. When trying to make correct choices, we are often confused whether we are listening to our ego’s desires or our spirit’s true calling. To decide if you are following the correct path, listen to your inner wisdom to examine whether you are making your choices out of fear or love – love for yourself or others.

We can lead rich and fulfilling lives without the need to feel special.

Now go and fulfill your life’s purpose!

Blessed journeys!

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