The Four Directions

The native Americans have long practiced calling on the spirits from the four directions (North, South, East and West) to create a sacred space and provide protection and energy for ceremonies and healing sessions. I called on the spirits during a shaman group gathering a few months ago and found that the energy flowing through me was so intense that I was sweating during the entire gathering.

I associate the four directions with seasons. The East with Spring because the sun rising in the East represents a new beginnings and fresh start. The South with Summer for its warm breezes, loving energy and energy from the Sun to help us grow and flourish. The West with Fall – representing the end of day and the end of the growing season. A time to reap what you have sown and give thanks. And finally, the North with Winter’s long, cold days requiring patience and endurance. That which is weak dies. A purging of our soul that allows us to be fertile for when Spring comes again.

Blessed journeys!

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