Imbalances in Our Environment—Reflections of Ourselves

california's burningWhile a large part of the USA is experiencing severe drought and California is ablaze with forest fires, the snowstorm Achilles dropped over a foot of snow onto Minnesota and western Wisconsin a few weeks ago.

Shamans believe that extreme weather conditions are a reflection of a spiritual imbalance—that our thoughts of fear, guilt, anger, etc. are being reflected by the environment. To help remedy the situation, shamans perform healing ceremonies to help heal the people first. Change our thoughts, change the world! But, people have to be willing to change. The shaman doesn’t force the change—they can only coax and explain on a spiritual level. Every person that agrees, even if unconsciously, allows the negativity to be released to the spirits for healing. Once enough people agree, a tipping point is reached and the balance is restored.

In addition, the shamans will talk with the weather consciousnesses to ask them for a desired outcome. For example, in California, the shaman might talk with sky, asking for rain clouds to form and release their precious rainwater. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, the shaman might request that the arctic jet streams recede, allowing the warm southern winds to enter. Each request depends on what the shaman learns while communicating with the divine spirits.

In a strange way, the bizarre weather patterns are bringing our fears to the surface, allowing us to see what has been lying below our unconscious minds, providing an opportunity for healing. Shamans and spiritual leaders are skilled at helping mankind to remember its divinity, but each of us is capable of providing healing for ourselves and others.

Below is a healing meditation technique for everyday use: 

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Envision a golden ball of light above your head.

Imagine the light coming down through the crown of your head, entering your body, slowly moving downward.

When it reaches your feet, imagine it circling you, moving up until it fully encompasses your body.

Once you are immersed in the light, imagine it extending around the room, then your home or building. See it extend over your community, city, state and country. See it fully engulf the world.

Your loving energy will impact the entire universe, because we are One!

For more on this topic, read my new novel, Earth Sentinels: The Storm Creators.

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