everything that is love cannot be fear…

the Hunt for Truth


After he was diagnosed with leukemia, Wayne Dyer decided to have an unconventional surgery with healer John of God. The twist? John of God was in Brazil; Wayne was in Maui. Watch as he describes the surgery and how he felt immediately thereafter:

How did Wayne feel after his “sutures” were removed?
Plus, watch to find out how he’s said he was feeling afterward:


“… everything that is fear cannot be love…
everything that is love cannot be fear…”

Wayne DyerHe embraced the mysterious ways of spiritual blessings from love. Stories like Dyer and others give me pause… love is of God… incomprehensible and yet, perfectly wonderful. This man and his work is of love.

Seek Inner Peace

Wayne Dyer’s “10 Principles for Success and Inner Peace” work explores basic principles for changing one’s outlook on life. The principles for success and inner peace is a simple, honest guide to living…

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