Close the Curtains

Closed red curtain at the Coolidge Corner Thea...

Image by brokentrinkets via Flickr

We got what we wanted. Long ago, in a blink of an eye, we created this universe. Our powerful selves, created by the thought of God, possessed the power to create. And so we did.

Being God’s children, it took only an instant to create all thoughts of time and space, and for all the events to play out every imaginable scenario, from the richest life to the lowest form of humanity, from glad scenes to acts of war. And, at the end of this “play,” we realized that none of it was equal to or better than our home in heaven. And, like the prodigal son, we want to go home.

Going home is the goal, yet, guilt and fear of retribution causes our delay. And so, we keep our mind focused on reruns of the play, drifting from one scene to the next, unable to face our deepest fears.

Because the mind is still focused on the play, it needs help from the Spirit to release its guilt and fear and remember its true self. The mind needs to be reminded that the actors on the stage are not real, and that the scenes of hate, fear, and guilt can be transformed into scenes of love. Eventually, we will rewrite the entire play, leaving only the acts of love, and then, the last person sitting will get up and leave the theater.

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