Interview with Sandra Ingerman

Part I of III

I was fortunate to have an interview with Sandra Ingerman today. She is a gifted shamanic practitioner, licensed therapist, healer, author and for 30 years has taught others shamanic practices. I enjoyed talking with her very much, and it was obvious she practices what she teaches. I hope you enjoy the insights that she shared with me.

I mentioned to Sandra Ingerman that I have recommended her books to many others, especially Shamanic Journeying because the book is comprehensive enough for a person to learn to shamanic journey.

Sandra responded, “One of the reasons I have written alot lately, is that people often cannot afford to attend workshops, or for other reasons can’t attend. I recently wrote two books: How to Thrive in Changing Times and Awakening to the Spirit World. The first book was written on how to get the Global Community to work together. The second book was for those who can’t attend a workshop to have another avenue to learn about shamanism.

“Ten years ago, I got a strong message from my spirit guide that I needed to train local shamanic teachers. I started teacher training and a website,, with over 200 teachers listed. There is no right way to shamanic journey, so I teach teachers to follow the spirit and not copy what I do. It is really great to be able to teach the same basic principles, but also to be led by the spirit guides.

“If you look around the world, you don’t see two shamans working the same. In our Western culture, we put a lot of power on learning the method, but it’s not the method that is important, but rather being led by the spirit. You need to get out-of-the-way, and let the spirits show you a unique way of working. That’s where the power is.”

What inspired you to write Awakening to the Spirit World?
“There were a few things that inspired me to write this book. My passion has been bringing together the Global Community. To honor our differences and to be a service to the planet. There is quite a bit of division in the spiritual community. Some say their method is better or one teacher is better than another. What we are doing is diffusing the power of the positive change-makers on this planet. There isn’t one right way… they all lead to the same place.

I asked the question… what would happen if the spiritual community united and chose to honor our differences? And to focus our spiritual work on helping the planet. The purpose of the work was to bring together shamanic teachers, who I know personally and know that they teach differently than I do. They have different traditions and ways of working. I wanted to show the shamanic unity that we could weave together in a book. To talk about our differences and show that together it weaves a beautiful fabric.

Another passion for me is that shamanism is a way of life. Often when people show up for workshops they are given methods, but don’t translate it into a daily way of living in the world.

If people would wake up every day and honor the earth, give appreciation for the earth, sun, water and the spirit that lives in everything. And if we started to live a life of honor, learn to respect nature and that we are connected in a web of life… I believe the planet would change very rapidly, living this way.

Shamans have always understood that we are part of the web and live in harmony with nature. They recognize that they are part of nature, unlike the Western culture which lives as if we are separate. We are seeing the consequences of that belief.

If you don’t live a spiritual life moment to moment, and carry it over to how you act at the bank, gas station and grocery store… we won’t have a shift in conciousness.”

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