The Monster Under the Bed

There is a monster that lurks under my bed. He doesn’t live there during the day. When it’s light, I can easily search for shoes and chapstick that have rolled under the bed. But when the day has faded and the lights are turned off, he comes alive. It is then that I am afraid to stand by the bed—sure that he will grab me by my ankles and devour me, starting with my toes.

This monster has followed me from my childhood home. He is the same monster that used to live in my closest and stare at me until I screamed for my mom and dad.

Another favorite hiding place of his was the basement. And, when I least expected it, I would feel his presence coming up the stairs. He always seemed to know when everyone had left the room and I was alone. His ominous presence would fill me with fear, as I stood defenseless. Thankfully, my current home doesn’t have a basement.

I had thought I would grow out of my fear of the monster who lurked in dark, but even as an adult, I find it difficult to stand next to my bed for more than second…but only at night.

My old dog, Mickey, used to sleep under our bed. He was the bravest creature I have ever known. He calmly walked under our bed every night and slept peacefully. His lack of fear kept the monster at bay.

Who is this monster, who’s presence is only felt in the dark, and where does he hide when it’s light?