The Smallest Particle

Blood Cells

Image by Andrew Mason via Flickr

One lazy day, when I was 14-years-old, I was lying on the living room floor letting my thoughts wander. For no particular reason, I wondered if there was a limit to how small a particle could be. I envisioned a blood cell, then the particles that made up the cell, then the sub-atomic particles that made up those particles, imagining each particle dividing into a smaller particle. My mind zoomed through each division until suddenly I was in the presence of God!

What an unexpected occurrence! There was no doubt in my mind that the vision was real, yet the reason for the vision was beyond me at the time. So today, many decades later, I asked the Spirit to give me the meaning. Below is the channeled response:

“You do not find yourself out there. You find yourself within. The vision was symbolic. It showed the journey to the inner self, the self that is connected to God…the self that is not fooled by outward forms and dreams of temporary events. You let your mind be open and receptive, if only for a moment, but that was enough..that is all it takes. You do not need a lifetime of trying to find yourself. You are already with God.

The outward form is an illusion created by the mind, a smoke screen blocking your awareness of your true self. When you are ready to let go of this ‘protective’ shield, you will see the world for what it is…nothing. You will be at one with your perfect self, as you were created. You will be awake once again.

Your thoughts continue to block your return. Thoughts shield you from hearing your true self, who is trying to reach out to you…thoughts block help from the Spirit. Sit quietly and let it come. What have you to lose except unhappiness and fear?”

“It is quite possible to reach God. In fact it is very easy, because it is the most natural thing in the world. You might even say it is the ONLY natural thing in the world.” ~ A Course in Miracles

Big Hearts Offer Second Chances

Often we believe that to find our spiritual purpose in life, we must leave our worldly belongings behind and live like a disciple or monk. But, I have come across two women, a pottery sculptress and a restaurant owner, who have had a profound influence in their communities.

Annabella, current resident

This weekend, I visited the Goathouse Refuge, a non-profit, no-kill cat sanctuary in Pittsboro, North Carolina. The refuge is part of a 16-acre farm with a 3.5-acre fenced, wooded area where the cats roam free. A small red barn serves as the entrance to the cat sanctuary, and on the other side, goats graze and live.

When my family and I went for a visit, a volunteer who was eating her lunch in the small garden with a fishpond greeted us. She gladly closed her lunch and offered to give us a tour. She first showed us the special-needs room which had cages for cats that require extra attention or isolation. The next room was a screened play area, although the cats appeared to be lounging rather than playing.

Then, we went to the open area. Cats came out to greet us, and some followed us as we walked along the paths under the trees. I was impressed at how well the cats got along. For cats that don’t have a home, this refuge was certainly the next best thing!

Siglinda Scarpa

Siglinda Scarpa, an Italian pottery sculptress, started the Goathouse Refuge. It’s obvious that an artist owns this farm by the way the old branch fences are artistically placed and how nature is so beautifully incorporated with the living spaces. She has a gallery on-site as well.

When Siglinda Scarpa walked over to welcome me, I asked if she was the owner. She smiled and said, “I prefer to think of myself as the benefactor.”

The refuge has volunteer opportunities and welcomes people to visit the cats to keep them social and happy. If a cat happens to win someone’s heart, then of course, adoption is a welcomed celebration. I liked the fact that the Goathouse Refuge has an application process that includes a home visit before the cats are given a new home.

Another woman, Mildred Council, owner of Mama Dip’s restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina was featured in my local newspaper. For the past 30 years, she has hired inmates from the Orange Correctional Center, and more recently began hiring from the Durham Correctional. For some of these men, this is their first real job. These days it is difficult for most people to find a job, but for these inmates, it’s almost impossible.

Mildred Council is giving these inmates a second chance at life. One inmate that was interviewed, Leroy Rodgers said, “I love working here. It’s a good way of getting back into society and getting used to being around people. People here don’t look at you like an inmate; they look at you like you’re another person.”

I admire these women for giving back. They have shown that living a meaningful life can be found as a sculptress founding a cat refuge or a big-hearted restaurateur offering inmates a new beginning. Two ordinary lives that became bigger than life, because they let love guide their hearts.

“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”
— from
The Alchemist

Blessed journeys!

The Transference of Negative Energy

I recently picked up vertigo after performing a healing. I woke up in the middle of the night with the room spinning. Every time I turned over in my sleep, the spinning would happen again. When morning came, I was nauseous and dizzy. I waited several hours, and when I felt well enough to shamanic journey, I requested a healing for myself. The vertigo went away that day. I have not ever had vertigo before or since. My own healing worked, but it reminded me that I must protect myself before performing healings for others. Negative energy can be picked up in both remote or in-person healings.

This seems a strange concept for those that haven’t experienced picking up others illnesses or pain. But consider this… have you walked into a room after an argument and felt the heavy energy in the room? Or, felt someone staring at you from across the room? It is a similar experience of feeling or absorbing another person’s energy.

To protect myself, I visualize a bright yellow ball of energy above my head. I then draw the energy down through my body, slowly and deeper with each breath, until I am filled with this positive energy. I then visualize it surrounding me with a protective shield of love. If I am performing an in-person healing, I will also surround him or her with the positive energy. I have always been surprised that it works, and any time that I begin to doubt its effectiveness and don’t do it… well, I pay the price by once again absorbing the negative energy.

How it feels to have a stroke.

I received this link from a fellow shaman to a video on YouTube that so eloquently explains our spirit self versus our physical self by a woman who had a stroke. During the stroke she had insights that changed her life. If you would like to hear a great talk on quantum physics, spirituality and the physical realm watch this!

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