Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards Kickstarter Project

I am excited to announce a Kickstarter project for the Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards. I worked on this deck for months, using my intuition to create an oracle deck that makes it easy for anyone to interpret the card meanings.

It has simple, emoji-style artwork that is based on the major arcana of the tarot. The numbers on the cards are significant as well for those of you who study numerology. The cards can be used to receive guidance about love, money, career, etc. It’s easy to get answers with the Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards.

How to Shuffle the Cards

How the cards get in the correct position is a bit of a mystery. I personally believe spirit guides work with those who seek guidance through the cards.

For more juicy details on how to use and read the Great Cozmoz Predictive Cards, visit the Great Cozmoz website.

I would appreciate any support you give my Kickstarter project. There are numerous offerings, such as…

  • $5 readings using the Great Cozmoz cards
  • Great Cozmoz Deck
  • Uncut Collector Sheet
  • The Package Deal

Be one of the first to own a Great Cozmoz deck! Support on Kickstarter >>

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