Healing Vibrations

I shamanic journeyed this morning. As I traveled to the middle realm to ask for a healing for another person, I wondered if I also needed a healing, but then I remembered something a teacher had once told me, “You can request a healing for yourself, but often it doesn’t work. It’s better to have another shamanic practitioner do it for you.” Why? I wondered as tears rolled down my cheeks. My worry for another was causing me pain. This reaction was not good for them or me.

As I rode my power animal, a message was given to me: “You are not in the right frame of mind to offer a healing to anyone, including yourself.”

I realized my vibration was too low. I decided to let the divine spirit run through me to restore me. As it did, I felt lighter and brighter, ready to move forward with the healing. Then another message came to me: “The reason it is more difficult to do a healing for yourself when you are sick is because your vibration is lower – a reflection of your state of mind. Sickness is caused by the mind’s lower vibration, and so the lower vibration cannot attract (or accept) the higher vibration of healing. The healer’s function is to raise the vibration of those who come to him or her – to help them believe that healing is possible. When they believe, their vibration raises and they are able to accept the healing.”

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