Opportunity to Participate in Study on Psychosis and Spirituality (includes schizophrenia and bipolar disorder)

1200px-Stanford_University_seal_2003.svgThe Stanford University School of Medicine is conducting interviews with patients who have experienced psychosis—including delusions, hallucinations, or any other departure from reality—and who have had spiritual or mystical experiences.

This project examines the experiences of a small, specific group of psychosis patients—those who have experienced two alternate forms of consciousness, through both psychosis and spirituality, and who understand these two types of experiences as being—at least potentially—distinct. This research attempts to mitigate a lack of literature addressing the experiences and needs of this particular patient population.

Research methodology will include interview and survey components. The interview is designed to elicit in-depth narratives of patients’ experiences with both psychosis and spirituality, while the survey is designed to identify potential patterns between patients.

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Volunteers who are over 18
  • Volunteers with a history of psychosis (could be a single episode of psychosis, or part of an illness such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder)
  • Volunteers who have had spiritual or mystical experiences (such as receiving spiritual promptings, hearing a divine voice, experiencing trance states, or experiencing states of transcendence)
  • Volunteers who are not in an acute state of psychosis

What will you be asked to do?

  • Participate in an interview with a researcher from the Stanford School of Medicine
  • Complete a survey

For more information on this study, please contact Katherine Lyman at kmlyman@stanford.edu.

For participants’ rights questions, call 1-866-680-2906.