The Difference Between Schizophrenic Shamans and Schizophrenics

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A shaman was once asked, “How do you know whether your shamanic journeys are real or just your imagination?” Her response was, “Is there a difference?”

I wonder if I wouldn’t be labeled “crazy” for seeing spirits and claiming  to have healing powers, if it weren’t for millenniums of shamans before me, successfully helping their tribes to heal, find game and evoke favorable weather patterns. Most shamans are schizophrenic, yet don’t have the problems associated with it in our culture.

First, shamans and schizophrenics both:

  • See spirits
  • Hear voices
  • Have claims of God speaking to them
  • Believe they have the power of God/Great Spirit within them

Their differences are:

  • Shamans can control when they see spirits (most of the time)
  • The spirits don’t control the shaman
  • Shamans don’t have episodes of being catatonic (they go into altered states intentionally)
  • Shamans can differentiate between this realm and other realms

The main difference is control. A shaman learns to control the interaction between the him/herself and the spirits, and controls the transition between the realms.

Another difference is schizophrenics can’t control the negative entities’ voices that bombard them to the point of making them catatonic, manic or violent. I personally have dealt with negative entities, but as a shaman, I have spirit guides and totem animals to shield me. A schizophrenic is dealing with it alone.

If you are schizophrenic, consider learning how to shamanic journey. It can change your life!

10 thoughts on “The Difference Between Schizophrenic Shamans and Schizophrenics

  1. I had gotten in touch with the spirit realm, and was also witnessing some very miraculous things. Things that now I believe would be discredited sadly after losing control and getting a mental breakdown.One example was callling wind at will, people would feel it and get chills, when i felt like calling it. There were lots ofthings going on.But either way after my breakdown I lost touch with my spirituality because of the fear of what happened.My experiences were good than it made a dark turn, I started seeing death and bad omens. I didnt know much about spirit guides or anything, all I had was Jesus Christ but at the time of the dark turn it was like I had been forsaken or I lost faith that he can protect me, but than I felt I had to do rituals so that thebad thing wouldnt happen. So I did them and they led me to the hospital still kept doing rituals in the hospital.Till finally I felt safe and the danger was gone.I felt like my salvation was in the hospital. But yea, recently I felt I was being pursued by negative energies,spirits.And I had a dream like I had entered another world,similar to ours and there were teachers and students they were all psychic and going to a movie theatre.The teacher saw the demon or whatveer it was jumping from one student to another and I said”You see it dont you” she than gave me advice and looked pretty mad at me,like i intruded her realm.I think she was an involuntary spirit guide.She was talking about not connecting to people and to mind my business, but I wanna see if I can connect to her maybe she can teach me more.I like to learn so I will see if I can have her be my spirit guide.I still doubt these things even though i witnessed alot but I will give it a try.


  2. Often when we begin to move toward the enlightened path and connect to the Oneness, the ego/dark energy will do everything it can to convince you that this world is the only reality and the spirit realm is not.

    Our connection to God is never severed, but it can become blocked by our own mistaken thoughts. We will blame others and God for the lack of connection, but it is our own mistaken thoughts that create the block. I too have many blocks set up, and work daily to understand better what these blocks are. Then the hard work begins, I must constantly listen to the Spirit to guide me on the proper actions and thoughts. It is about surrender, but what you receive is of much higher value than what you give up.

    There are no involuntary spirit guides, and enlightened spirit guides are never angry with you. They do correct mistaken thoughts, but gently.


  3. Really related to this post. I have a very unique and special bond with Mother, and yes, there have been times I’ve lost the magic as I seem consumed with worldly darkness and that bond seems severed. It takes constant and consistent work to stay Centered and Connected in order for that magic to stay. And when it does it really does follow me wherever I go. Thank you for this post! ❤


  4. A very thoughtful and helpful article.

    There are also cases where most of one’s problems may be rooted in emotional traumas and injuries. We seem to have this problem of classifying all of these as psychological and “mental” problems, rather than taking the time to assay the root causes (most of the modern “professional” psychologists/psychiatrists think this way). I see this as addressable by shamanic guidance and healing as a far better method. Actual cases of neurological issues may take a bit different approach, but shamanic counseling and healing also helps here too.

    I will have to get back to my practical studies soon.

    I have walked this path for a long time, without formal education or mentoring by anyone else. So, much of my studies and practice have been through meditations and communicating with the spirits.

    Thank you for the educational and informative article!

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


      • Ultimately,

        It does. However, sometimes, because of our “human natures”, we still may seek positive affirmation and confirmation from others who have walked the path before us. Sometimes it is THAT which may hold us back from fully exploring on our own.


        It took me a long time to come to terms with, and trust that Inner Voice too. Too bad that today’s “modern society” has trained us well to ignore that inner voice, and just “go along with” whatever we are told to, by the “experts”. So, yes – it is quite a journey, and one sometimes filled with uncertainty, but one worth traveling.

        – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


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