Marshall Van Summers – A New Promise For Humanity Spirituality – The Visitors . By The “Allies Of Humanity”

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Human Spirit Ascension

Marshall Van Summers   –   A New Promise For Humanity Spirituality   –   The Visitors . By The “Allies Of Humanity”
In order to prepare for the alien presence that is in the world, it is necessary to learn more about life in the Greater Community, life that will envelope your world in the future, life that you will be a part of.

Humanity’s destiny was always to emerge into a Greater Community of intelligent life. This is inevitable and occurs in all worlds where intelligent life has been seeded and has developed. Eventually, you would have come to realize that you lived within a Greater Community. And, eventually, you would have found that you were not alone in your own world, that visitation was occurring and that you would have to learn to contend with divergent races, forces, beliefs and attitudes that are prevalent in the Greater Community…

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