UFO Orbs and Chemtrails

Today, I saw UFO orbs circling a chemtrail above my house, zooming in and around it. It was hard to tell how many there were because they would disappear in the mist and reappear on the other side. I had read of UFO orbs disabling nuclear war heads and flying around military planes, but I had never heard of them “attacking” chemtrails. However, this is what they appeared to be doing. When I saw them, I felt hope that someone, anyone, was finally doing something about the toxic streams of chemicals being spread by airplanes around the globe (see links at the bottom of this post for more information on chemtrails).

This photo was taken from the web and is not from my actual experience.

This photo was taken from the web and is not from my actual experience, although it looked identical to this.

These UFO orbs were meaningful to me, because two days earlier I had decided to give up feeling helpless about the manmade devastation taking place on our planet. Instead, I shamanic journeyed to ask for healing of our precious earth. I focused specifically on the chemtrails because everyday, while working on my computer near a window, I would see the planes spraying the trails of chemicals that lingered, and then, within a few hours, spread out, making the skies hazy.

I finished the healing request and went back to work at my computer. A few hours later, I was completely surprised to see UFO orbs circling a freshly sprayed chemtrail. It was the first time I had ever seen orbs, but I wasn’t afraid. In fact, it felt good to know that a collective of intelligent beings was fighting against these chemtrails.

Then I thought, “What if each of us did the same thing — asked for healing of our planet on a regular basis?” Just think if all of us sent our love and gave permission for the toxic chemtrails, fracking, oil spills, inhumane farming, etc. to be healed. What would happen if thousands or even millions of people asked for a healing!? We wouldn’t have to wait on the selfish governments, which answer to the corporations and elite, who in return answer to a much more sinister authority. WE can be the difference!

Here are links about chemtrails (geoengineering):

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Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

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Undeniable Footage Of Jet Aircraft Spraying

4 thoughts on “UFO Orbs and Chemtrails

  1. I like it that we can find ways to unite in the spirit… the universe is otherwise unfriendly… more spirit connection in loving unity = better connection here in loving unity. The resulting energy being quite sweet and freeing, I feel.


    • As you said, most of alien life is unfriendly, but there are forces out there that do want to help us. I read the books “Allies of Humanity”, which gives a great overview of this topic and warns us to be very careful. So, this morning I meditated to ask who or what those orbs were. And the answer was… interdimensional beings who are part of our universal dream/world, but have a benevolent consciousness and are trying to help us.

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  2. some time ago, I posted about crop circles maybe as warnings (https://ericsamsung.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/global-cataclysms-have-a-purpose/).
    They certainly mysteriously occur from something into the crop beds.

    I may be almost to cautious about saying clearly what I find… there is lots to distract me (us).

    What you do when you ask for healing, is living the solution; this is sure. The solution is permanent; never changing unconditional love. In the universe everything changes. So, perhaps we any one of us be at times unfriendlies. Asking others to petition for increasing awareness of love and for opportunities for sharing witness accounts of sensing love is working with solution; this is sure.


    • I shamanic journey to ask for healing. Today a spirit guide came and symbolically grab the chemtrails out of the sky and threw them in a fire. Sometimes the healings are literal, sometimes symbolic, but either way, I know the healing request was received, and they always answer, although not always in the manner I might expect. For instance, I would have never expected UFO orbs to appear! Sometimes they have bigger plans than I could ever ask for! Just wish I had taken a picture!


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