Advice on Changing Life – Channeled Writings

Below is advice channeled from Jesus on how to live a life filled with peace and happiness.

Listen and you will hear. Submit and you will conquer. Love and you receive. Take and you will have nothing. If life is an illusion then what is it you want? All that you acquire will slip through your hands, like dust in the wind. This mad dream is not you. Your possessions will not replace God. Your bizarre, twisted notions that you can hide your guilt under expensive clothes and fancy homes is misguided. You needn’t hide. I can see it all. I love you anyway. Your spirit is perfect. Your creation of the body and world is not. Give me the reins and I will lead you perfectly to glory… to true power, which is giving of your greatness to those who think they have less. In truth, everyone is perfect and whole. The only healing needed is to see and know that you need nothing. This world is a dream. You do not in reality eat, sleep or lack for anything. In your dreams at night, when you dream of eating, do you really eat? No! You created the dream. You have created this waking dream. Let me help you recreate this dream to one of peace. To comply, simply ask me to direct your thoughts. Let me take your unpleasant thoughts from you. Simply give them to me. So far, you have created what you wanted. And what you wanted, you saw appear before your eyes. Don’t like what you see? Then give it to me. Give me your fears, anxiety, hate and anger. Every thought you don’t want – give it to me. I will transform it and leave you with peace. I do not take without giving. You will be filled with my love in place of the illusion that was filling your mind.

Right now, say you will give it me and it will be done.

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