Choosing a Healing

People often ask for specific shamanic healings, such as a soul retrieval, past life healing or aura cleansing. All are powerful healings that help to remove blocks in our mind that keep us from fully connecting to our spirit. All of us have many blocks, and can spend many lifetimes trying to remove them before reaching enlightenment.

When I shamanic journey, I prefer to let go of the ‘agenda’ and keep an open mind that the Spirit will bequeath the best healing for myself or another. For instance, I was to perform a healing for a young man who was angry and depressed. Neither he or his family could understand why he felt this way. He had years of traditional treatment, but nothing made any improvement. During the healing, I saw one of his past lives in which he was cruelly murder. With forgiveness and ‘restructuring’ of his past life, the ties to the past were removed. In a second healing, his energetic body was repaired (which helps to keep out negativity from daily interactions in this life). He was also given guardian angels to help venture out into the world without fear. He felt an immediate improvement and has continued to improve for over a year.

If a specific healing had been requested, such as a soul retrieval, we might have missed the past life healing which removed the significant cause of his ongoing depression and anger issues. But, because we allowed the Spirit to lead the way, we were offered the best healings in the proper time and order.

Blessed journeys!

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