Channeled Writings – To fear or not to fear

Thunder roars and lightning strikes a long mean streak down savage skies. Judgment day has come and you stand in fear. Your life flashes before you… the grudges, petty grievances, betrayals and selfishness. You feel it’s imminent that you will be crushed beneath the judgment and fall to ground – unworthy to even look the judge in the eye. You lie in the mud and it grows quiet, except for your weeping. The silence persists, and when you look up, the skies have cleared and the sun is out. The judge has set a table and sits waiting for you to join him. He had not come to find you unworthy, but rather judge you perfect. You have always been perfect.

One thought on “Channeled Writings – To fear or not to fear

  1. This makes me think of how many things I have said and done thorough out my life that were not good or right but . I then I stop and rember that God is a good and all forgiving God ,He loves me no matter what you have done and all are welcome at his table.


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